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I have been sorely neglectful of so many things, I think a lot of us are. I won’t turn this into a post about how woefully inadequate I feel about, well, everything. But I will mention something that I think we all need to work on. Food storage is something we all either make excuses for, or we do really well. It seems we’re in one camp or another on this one. I don’t think I even need to mention which camp I belong to…. My idea of food storage is to buy a few extra items each time I am shopping. Nothing major, just enough to cover a a few extra meals here and there, but it never adds up to what I would call “storage”. An online friend of mine recently shared a new site she stumbled upon. I have poked around it for a while and have to say that I am impressed, and hopeful. Perhaps for the first time I can actually do what my husband and I have discussed but never have really accomplished and actually put together a working method of storing food that we’ll actually use. It’s all about baby steps….

Honestly, where has the time gone? I mean, here I am thinking it’s been maybe a month since I last made an entry here only to find out it’s been close to three months. Life has been in a holding pattern for my family since March as we wait for word on a job. I’ve been keeping busy with purging and rearranging things to make a quick move easier on us if we were to finally find out about this job, or end up taking another. Either way, we will more than likely be moving in the next month or two. I’ve been thinking about this blog and if I will continue it. I am receiving some rather nasty SPAM through the comments feature and would like it to STOP! If my husband is unable to find a solution that I think is suitable then I will more than likely close this blog. My time constraints may lead me to that end anyway since I have more than enough ongoing projects and responsibilities to keep me busy elsewhere. Anyway, my little thought for the day is that our use of time is a vital part of our journey in life and we should consider what we choose to spend it on. I’m realizing that even the simplest choices (i.e. - what movie I choose to watch) make a difference in how we think and feel towards others and ourselves. This may sound obvious, and it is, but do we really think about it as we’re making these choices. Last night my husband and I watched a movie that was quite intriguing and had all the hopes of having a “happy ending” only to totally discount the one point the movie SHOULD have been trying to make but chose not to. I can’t seem to get the movie out of my head and hate that I wasted my precious time on something that is disturbing to me instead of uplifting. I’ll be much more careful the next time I choose a movie to watch and hope for a better outcome.

I’ve always loved music of various styles. The past several years the car stereo has been tuned into my local Christian Radio station. Living in the South means passing by several church building of various Christian religions as I run my errands. With such a Christian population there sprouts out several radio stations to meet the local need for wholesome music and content. I have found that my soft rock and country music stations that I once listened to often have music or words that I don’t really appreciate anymore. My options are to listen to my personal CD collection, or to tune into my local Christian Radio station. Granted, some of the lyrics may not totally jive with my religious beliefs, but more often than not I can find music that is more sensitive to the spirit I am trying to maintain in my vehicle than other music and talk on the radio. I have grown to appreciate Christian Music as the majority of the world knows it. I still prefer LDS Christian Music when I am able to choose since the songs are written and performed by LDS talent, but not always. Recently I was listening to Kenneth Cope’s, Hear My Praise, CD and looked up the name of one of the song writers of my favorite song on the CD. Come to find out, she’s a Christian Music artist with an impressive gift of songwriting that I have come to admire. Her name is, Nichole Nordeman. The song that greatly impressed me was, Every Season. For some reason that song touched my soul on varying levels. At first I thought it was just a song written about the beauty of the four seasons, but realized the lyrics were expressing so much more than that. God has gifted people with an amazing talent to write and perform music. For this I am eternally grateful since listening to music is one of the fastest ways for me to feel the Spirit no matter how hectic or hard life may be at the time.

I have not really followed the whole political debate going on surrounding Mitt Romney and other political figures. I’m a Mormon, yes. Will I vote for a guy just because he’s a Mormon? No. I make voting a matter of study and prayer. I figure out what the issues are and I vote accordingly. I also vote for the person I feel has high moral standards and will do their best to protect my Constitutional rights. With that said I have a quote from Orson Scott Card (also a Mormon) that I feel those who are afraid of a Mormon being president should read….

“If you let the ridicule of Mormon beliefs be a reason not to vote for Mitt Romney, then you’re saying that religious people who believe in God as the foundation of their morality are no longer eligible for the Presidency.”

His entire article is worth reading. Some points are made better than others, but on a whole I agree with what Card has to say. Politics really annoy me because I feel the system needs some work to really ensure that the American people really get what they want. I’m all for honesty, and unfortunately not too many politicians are known for that particular quality, at least not the ones who make it to the top. Perhaps one day that will change, and perhaps Romney could be one of them. I don’t know, but it would be nice to find out so….

My husband is off across the country participating in an event that could change our lives. Am I ready for this change? NO! At least not in my mind, but my spirit has been preparing me for it for months now. There are certain things you may tell yourself you will “never” do. Some of those things are based on personal belief and you may very well not do them (hopefully). But some of those things may be “I will never move” or “I will never buy a mini van”, etc…. For these “never”s I would caution you on. I’m about to face a few of these “never”s and am anxious and a tad bit frightened at the thought. But because the Spirit is comforting me and telling me that this is what we are to do, it’s not so bad. My point is, with any of life’s changes (whether welcome or not) we can face them with confidence and strength knowing that we are following an influence much more powerful than man or money. If we live by the Spirit we will have peace, even when the stuff happening around you is not what you had planned for your life.

Pretty Swimmer

My daughter has had a Betta fish for just over 2 years now. This fish has been her pride and joy since the first day he came into our home. My daughter insists on introducing Pretty Swimmer to each and every person who walks into our home. Last night Pretty Swimmer stopped swimming after months battling Ick. Perhaps it was his illness and the knowledge he would soon die that cushioned the blow, but my daughter’s reaction to his death was much more sedate than I imagined it would be. It was about an hour after she went to bed when I noticed his lifeless form. I thought about my options and chose to wake her and tell her and let her decide his fate. I thought she would cry a little and insist on a fishy funeral, but she did not. She got a little sad and said that I could go ahead and flush Pretty Swimmer and that would be okay. I said a few more words to her and then she turned and went to sleep. This morning she asked if we could get another fish. I told her that would be fine once things settle down a bit and we have the time to pick out a special fish. She was okay with that and simply asked where the water from the toilet ended up because she was curious to know where Pretty Swimmer’s body was. This whole process of loss and healing has just amazed me. Our children can show strength where we feel they will be weak. They can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. Then there are times they don’t handle things well at all. It’s always a guessing game, or perhaps its simply listening to that voice that whispers to us and guides us as we try and raise our children. The corner of our cabinet is looking a bit lonely now that Pretty Swimmer isn’t swimming there anymore, but life is good and we enjoyed his company while it lasted. Thank you Pretty Swimmer for bringing my daughter joy….

Despite missing the first 10 minutes of the show, I felt myself sucked into the movie, Charms for the Easy Life. Since I have an interest in midwifery and herbs it seemed only natural that a movie about a lady who practiced both in the 1930’s would hold my attention. I found myself anticipating the words that Charlie Kate would say next. Her harshness was softened by her genuine concern and love for her daughter, granddaughter, and people she administered to in her community. Her strength seemed to have no end as she served everyone around her. Though I do not totally agree with her thoughts on men, I found myself inspired by her life. The movie is based after the novel by Kaye Gibbons.

The Waiting Game….

It seems that God has a way of making things work out without us knowing how or when until after the fact. Currently we are awaiting a very important phone call, one that will change our lives. We have been anxiously anticipating this call only for it not to come. We were told it would, we were even given a date and time, but it never came. Why? It makes no sense to us, but we feel that it will come, and that our lives will change when it does. In a show of faith we are somewhat preparing for this future, feeling that it’s there, just not knowing how or when. There are times in our life when we are pulled in a certain direction. A direction we may not think we would like or appreciate, but once we meld our will with God’s will, it all comes much more easily. It may not be EASY, but it’s easier than if we go kicking and screaming. Or perhaps easier than if we chose our own path instead of the one God leads us to. It makes life sweeter when we take the time to recognize God’s hand in things.

Sammy says….

Actually, it’s SAMe (pronounced Sammy), and it’s an amino acid discovered first in Italy and is now available in the United States. It’s main use is for arthritis, depression, and liver damage. I’ve been searching for a source of information that was unbiased, but it’s proven to be a challenge. Ultimately I contacted my doctor who leans more towards “alternative” medicines and asked him if he thought SAMe would be a good fit for me. I’ve struggled with mild depression for years and have been having a harder than usual time dealing with it lately. After exhausting my resources I found some information on SAMe and thought that it sounded promising. Being a mother who is breastfeeding I needed to make sure it was safe for me to take. I got the “all clear” from my doctor so am now on day two of taking SAMe. I’m cautiously optimistic and will report on the results.

Double Dimple Grin….

My youngest child has the most adorable smile. I can’t manage entering and exiting a public building without at least one or two people stopping me and commenting on his remarkable double dimple grin. His face lights up a room in an instant. It’s truly a talent of his that I hope will continue as he grows. Every once in a while it becomes inconvenient to stop and allow others to admire my child, but when I see the joy it brings to their day I can’t help but smile myself and enjoy the moment for what it is. Babies are miracle workers. They bring strangers together in conversation that would have never met if they had not been there. Even before they are born they can work their magic for bringing people together, if even for an instant. What a wonderful thing that is during a time when we are so wrapped up in our busy lives to even manage a smile for those passing us by. To feel moments of connection with someone else is good for the spirit. It reminds us that we’re not alone in this world.

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